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Cura-11 T25
LA Kush Cake
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Whole Flower

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LA Kush Mints is an Indica cannabis strain that offers energetic Sativa effects. Instead of just evening use, this bud can be enjoyed throughout the day.

🇺🇸 American Bred

LA Kush Mints is the strain that breaks the expectations of what a cannabis bud can do. Classified as an Indica strain, with a content of about 90% leaving room for 10% Sativa, still, its effects are way more Sativa-typical. This marijuana strain may ease depression and anxiety with its euphoric and uplifting properties. It can also deliver an energetic physical high that can be motivating and moving you into more activities and working on different tasks. The THC levels of this weed strain can range between 20% and 28% offering strong potency best suited for experienced users. With a cooling menthol and pine taste, you are in for a refreshing treat with this vape. 

LA Kush Mints is an Indica cannabis strain that offers energetic Sativa effects. Instead of just evening use, this bud can be enjoyed throughout the day. Many users share how the stimulating effects of this strain can launch them into motivation and productivity.

The euphoric and relaxing high of LA Kush Mints may brush off thoughts and feelings of worries and negativity that so easily cause discouragement and tensions. The relaxing full-body high isn’t too sedative as to put you in a lazy state. Instead, it may ease up your body from discomforts to allow it to feel energetic.

Both your mind and body can benefit from the upbeat high of LA Kush Mints. You may notice a splash of creativity light up your focus for artsy projects or other tasks. Your body may experience an upbeat stimulation for physical movement, whether it relates to work or outdoor activities with family or friends.

LA Kush Mints delivers very strong effects. We recommend this weed strain for experienced users who feel comfortable with higher potency and individuals who have high tolerance in need of stronger strains to fully benefit from their qualities.

This marijuana strain carries an upbeat, energetic, and stimulating high and depending on the dosage consumed, in the end, you may feel a warm relaxation that goes deeper and draws out sleepiness. In the meantime, you may notice your appetite levels increase, causing you cravings for some tasty snacks. If you are out with friends, maybe pack some snacks to bring along.

The pine and menthol flavour of this strain adds a refreshing touch to its vaping experience for you to enjoy.

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