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We prioritise information updates on our website over all other queries, ordinarily actioning necessary amendments same-day. If you are a company contacting us, please ensure to use an email address on an official domain such as: name@company.tld - so information can quickly be verified as authoritative. If utilising our contact form below, you'll need to respond to an automated email to ensure the address provided belongs to you.

We strictly cannot provide medical advice to the public, including gauging the suitability of medical cannabis or particular medications for patients. We encourage all patients to contact their clinic directly with queries on their individual treatment.

We are able to provide consultation, training and advice to clinicians and organisations operating within the industry – in liaison with our medical director, Dr. Tahzid Ahsan, a leading prescribing specialist psychiatrist. Please contact us for further details.

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MedBud™ is currently the only regulatory-compliant public information resource covering CBPMs in the UK, after 8 months of legal negotiations with the government MHRA. We consider MedBud™ a public resource which must always act in public interest.

  Information provided is partially -sourced and may be outdated or otherwise incorrect. Please report any inaccuracies found by email.

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