Warning: Clinic Releaf® are deliberately charging patients over MSRP for medication through a partner pharmacy, without making other pharmacies available to their patients.
All patients must be offered free choice in pharmacy without influence nor penalty to avoid non-compliant 'prescription direction' breaking GMC and BMA guidelines - risking prescribing clinician's licence to practice.

Just received your prescription? Please regularly email MedBud expiry dates from your products if later than dates currently published. Thanks for helping to improve patient information.

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Brand Product THC / CBD Pack Pricing Lowest Stock Level
C25 Packaging 671 Logo Althea™ C25
CBD Soft Gel Capsules
0.25mg / 25mg
  • 60: £89
  • 120: £159
T2.5:C5 Packaging 642 Logo Adven® T2.5:C5
THC/CBD Oral Capsules
Terra Verde
Sativa Hybrid
2.5mg / 5mg
  • 28: £60
T10:C10 Packaging 642 Logo Adven® T10:C10
THC/CBD Strawberry Pastille Lozenges
Terra Verde
10mg / 10mg
  • 14: £34.30
  • 28: £68.60
T10 Packaging 642 Logo Adven® T10
THC Orange Pastille Lozenges
Terra Verde
10mg / <1mg
  • 14: £32.20
  • 28: £64.40
T5:C10 Packaging 642 Logo Adven® T5:C10
THC/CBD Oral Capsules
Terra Verde
Sativa Hybrid
5mg / 10mg
  • 28: £75

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