Transferring Clinics

Transferring Clinics

Swapping Medical Cannabis Clinics

There's many reasons why existing medical cannabis patients may feel the need to change clinics. At the time of writing, some clinics will attempt to limit the range of available products to patients; or mandate more stringent procedures regarding swapping between and trialling new medications. Our guide below is the simple process needed to change between medical cannabis clinics, with what to expect.

  1. Consult our list of UK medical cannabis clinics and choose from 42 available options. Some clinics offer discounted initial consultations after switching that are noted with 'Switch: £X'.
  2. Request a copy of your previous consultation notes and prescriptions from your previous clinic, and where possible request a new copy of your summary of care record from your main GP clinic. While some patients have been successfully able to request and utilise their existing 'SoC' requested from their existing clinic; in most instances clinics want to see a recent up-to-date copy. For NHS patients, this can be requested from your GP practice, with a similar process for private patients. An NHS summary of care should ideally document your previously prescribed medications, and if not, the clinic you're joining may request further evidence. Some patients have been able to utilise their old prescription packaging for validation. We strongly recommend not requesting a discharge letter from your previous clinic before successfully being accepted as a patient at your new chosen clinic. All clinics we're aware of are happy to accept a discharge letter after a patient's first consultation.
  3. Your new clinician may be willing to consider previously tried medications as part of your new care plan - to be available again on future repeats. Please query your specialist/clinic directly to confirm this.

  4. You will require MDT or secondary specialist approval before your prescription can be sent out, similar to the process for new patients.
  5. You may require a follow-up consultation on the second month if you were previously a patient for a short period of time. More long-term patients may immediately be moved onto quarterly evaluations with monthly repeats in-between. These kind of policies vary between clinics.

To the best of MedBud's knowledge, no clinic currently accepts patients cared for by other clinics at the same time. While patients may choose multiple pharmacies to utilise in any given month, and freely interchange them (dependent on clinician consent), patients typically have just one medical cannabis clinic responsible for their CBPM treatment.

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