First Medical Cannabis Prescription

Receiving Your First Cannabis Medicines

  1. You may receive a sign-up email for your chosen pharmacy/dispensary, this typically requires another identification check where you'll need to upload a documentation photo/scan. This can add an extra day or two delay for approval in some cases. You will then be sent an itemised online invoice for your prescription, and be prompted to pay online. (or)

    You may receive a registration call from your pharmacy, whereby you will be informed of the cost of your prescription, be asked to pay - and can further query delivery times (clinic dependent.)
  2. Your pharmacy legally must wait for a paper copy of your prescription before dispensing your medication, and this can add a couple of days additional delay. If your product is immediately available from pharmacy stocks, it will often be sent out on a next-day delivery service, or if not in-stock you may need to wait an additional 3-4 working days for your medication to arrive there. Your legal prescription cannabis will be delivered to you by standard courier services, and may require a signature for delivery.
  3. You're now a legal cannabis patient, with a monthly prescription. To avoid gaps in your prescription, we would strongly recommend booking your follow-up appointment or requesting a repeat prescription from your clinic 3 weeks after receiving your first delivery - to allow just over a week for the dispensary to receive/dispatch your next prescription.
  4. You will need to book quarterly appointments with your clinic for mandatory health check-ups.

This article was last updated on: 27 July 2022

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