MedBud is a one-man operation with only a few running costs so far, including: our webserver, mail service and domain name. These aren't costs I'm able to bare myself monthly, and will be relying on the good will of others in order to keep this website online in the long-run. I may put generic Google Ads in the header and footer in the long-run, for the moment we're 100% self-supported.

Due to the strength of donations so far, we have managed to decide to completely rule-out allowing companies to advertise as a funding method. Our only call for donations in February 2022 has kept us alive so far - and seemingly will do as things stand until 1st September 2022.

We intend to publish a public ledger of donations and expenses shortly, formally operating as a non-profit organisation. All donations will by default be treated as anonymous, and published as such - if you wish to specifically be credited for your donation publicly, please be sure to let us know - we will oblige all such specific requests in public interest.

Current Donation Methods:

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