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Cannabis Flower Cost

£4.50+ Per Gram (£126+/oz)

Multiples of 5/10/15g (Brand Dependent)

From Grow Pharma/IPS

Initial Medical Consultation

From No Cost

Veterans & Benefit Recipients: GAP

Cantourage Clinic Ltd

Annual Clinic Fees

£196+ First Year

Lowest: Cantourage

Medical Cannabis is Legal, and Available via Private Prescription in: England England, Wales Wales, Scotland Scotland, Northern Ireland Northern Ireland, Jersey Jersey, Guernsey Guernsey, Isle of Man Isle of Man
Check through our Patient Guides to learn more. MedBud is an independent educational platform/directory researching the emerging medical cannabis industry across the British Isles.
We provide essential comparative metrics between prescription cannabis medications; clinic's prescribing; pharmacy's dispensing; and the producers/brands supplying CBPMs. We inform consent.

                IASO Ltd Four 20 Pharma GmbH Structured Care Ltd Cellen Biotech Ltd MedCan Pty Ltd MMJ Clinic Group Ltd The London Orthopaedic Clinic UK Ltd Fotmer Life Sciences Uruguay Adven GmbH The House of Green Ltd Cannim Group Pty Ltd Specials Pharma Ltd BOL Pharma Ltd MGC Pharmaceuticals Ltd Therismos Ltd Mamedica Dispensary Ltd Mamedica Ltd Together Pharmacy Ltd Health Counter Ltd Northern Green Canada Inc Althea MMJ UK Ltd Tilray Portugal II LDA Botanical Health Dispensary Ltd PS Pharma Service GmbH Centennial Pharma Services Ltd Bedrocan B.V. Wellford Medical Clinic Ltd CP Medical Clinic Ltd Rokshaw Ltd Zerenia Clinics Ltd Khiron Life Sciences Corp Miracle Valley Lands Ltd Harley Street (CPC) Ltd Cannim Australia Pty Ltd Northern Green Canada Inc Via Clinic Ltd  Resilience Medicine Clinic Ltd Aurora Nordic Cannabis A/S Clearleaf Ltd Target Healthcare Ltd Hilltop Leaf Holdings Ltd Four 20 Pharma GmbH Releaf Dispensary Ltd Integro Medical Clinics Ltd Khiron Life Sciences Spain SL PHCANN International B.V. Mamedica Dispensary Ltd Tilray Inc. The MC Clinic Ltd Canopy Growth Corporation Cantourage Clinic Ltd Cann Group Ltd Curaleaf Holdings Inc. Medisonal Ltd D&M Health Contracts Ltd Sapphire Medical Clinics Ltd Canna Clinic Ltd Xeal Pharma Ltd Lyphe Group Ltd Althea MMJ UK Ltd Therismos Ltd Miracle Valley Lands Ltd Ltd Clinical Associates Ltd Together Pharmacy Ltd LV Care Group Ltd Aurora Europe GmbH Jamaica Medical Cannabis Corp Little Green Pharma Ltd Grow Group PLC Canopy Growth Germany GmbH Bedrocan B.V. Aligie Ltd Biologics Research Institute Aus. Pty Ltd Cannabliss Ltd Vertical Pharma Resources Ltd Fotmer Life Sciences Uruguay AG Health Ltd Celadon Pharmaceuticals PLC Cannatrek Ltd Dispensary Green Ltd Hippocratic Horizons Ltd ECS Botanics Holdings Ltd Integro Medical Clinics Ltd Grow Lab Organics Ltd MedCan Pty Ltd             

  MedBud provides availability statuses from main distributors, when a main pharmacy or distributor runs out of stock - smaller independent pharmacies may still have medication available.

What's New?

New Strain Adven Adven Cura-11 T25 LA Kush Cake 25% THC | 0% CBD | Indica From £8.00/g
New Brand All Medical Cannabis Flower Strains/Cultivars Clearleaf 🇬🇧 Clearleaf Ltd
New Strain Khiron Khiron T25 Old School Skunk 20% THC | 0% CBD | Sativa From £8.50/g
New Brand All Medical Cannabis Flower Strains/Cultivars MAMEDICA England London, England Mamedica Dispensary Ltd
New Strain Adven Adven Cura-16 T25 Strawberry OG 25% THC | 0% CBD | Hybrid From £8.00/g
New Location England London, England Medisonal | Medisonal Ltd
New Location England London, England Centennial | Centennial Pharma Services Ltd
New Pharmacy Dispensing Medical Cannabis Pharmacies Compared Centennial Pharmacy England London, England | Centennial Pharma Services Ltd

Latest Edits & Prescription Updates

Prescribing Medical Cannabis Clinics Compared Zerenia Clinics Clinic Updated
Adven Cura-11 T25 LA Kush Cake Available
Adven Cura-16 T25 Strawberry OG Available
Adven Cura-9 T17-19 Glory Sum Cookies Available
Noidecs T5:C7 Balanced Kush Awaiting ETA
Noidecs T20:C0 Royal Moby Awaiting ETA
Noidecs T18:C0 Delahaze Awaiting ETA
Noidecs T19 Mazar-i-Sharif Awaiting ETA
Drug Science

Project Twenty21

From £5.00/g

For Medical Research

Grow Access Project

Grow Access Project

From £7.00/g

For Low-Income Patients & Veterans

Sapphire Access Scheme

Sapphire Access Scheme

From £5.00/g

For Medical Research

Becoming a UK Medical Cannabis Patient

Example of UK Prescription Medical Cannabis Flower Packaging

Getting started with medical cannabis in the UK or Channel Islands, is as simple as checking out our eligibility information, then applying for a consultation at any prescribing clinic.

Your choice in clinic could* affect the availability of any product to you, please be aware that most clinics have default partner pharmacies, and have been known to steer patients towards prescribing products dispensed/distributed by their preferred partners. If you feel a particular product could be right for you, or would like your prescription sent to a particular pharmacy - be sure to let your doctor know during your initial consultation.

Bare in mind, each future prescription change is likely to cost (you can repeat medicines at no cost at some clinics.) Your specific prescribing clinician requires a pre-existing relationship with the pharmacy you wish to utilise in order to have a prescription written for them and directed approporiately in a timely fashion - at the current time there is no way to ascertain which doctors are able to prescribe for which pharmacies, when booking through any clinic online.

This website is intended to help you make an informed cost-effective decision on whether legal cannabis usage could be viable for you, and your healthcare. Please be aware if you choose to approach a clinic, the decision to prescribe (or not) will ultimately be made by a trained medical professional enrolled on the Specialist Register of the General Medical Council.

* There have been several instances of clinics being reluctant to prescribe various pharmacy's products, please review our clinics page for the best information made available to us so far regarding product access.


  1. GAP Logo Grow Access Project
  2. Sapphire Logo Sapphire Medical Clinics
    EnglandScotland Various Locations
  3. Cantourage Logo Cantourage Clinic
    England London, England
  4. Zerenia Logo Zerenia Clinics
    England London, England
  5. MAM Logo MAMEDICA Clinic
    England London, England
  6. TMCC Logo The Medical Cannabis Clinics
    UK Various Locations
  7. MAC Logo MyAccess Clinics
    England Various Locations
  8. Integro Logo Integro Clinics
  9. Leva Logo Leva Clinic
    England London, England
  10. CCC Logo Cannabis Clinic Cardiff
    Wales Cardiff, Wales

Sorted by Min. First Year Cost


  1. Centennial Logo Centennial Pharmacy
    England London, England
  2. Xeal Pharma Ltd Logo Xeal Pharma
    England Birmingham, England
  3. Mamedica Logo MAMEDICA Dispensary
    England London, England
  4. LV Logo LV Pharmacy
    Jersey Jersey, Channel Islands
  5. Cedarwood Logo Cedarwood Pharmacy
    England London, England
  6. Target Logo Target Pharmacy
    Scotland Glasgow, Scotland
  7. Curaleaf Logo Curaleaf Pharmacy
    England Sunderland, England
  8. UKP Logo UK Pharmacy
    England Derby, England
  9. BHD Logo Botanical Health Dispensary
  10. DG Logo Dispensary Green
    England Nottingham, England

Sorted Randomly

Flower Cultivars/Strains

  1. Hindu Kush Packaging Hindu Kush (T18-22)
    Spain Indica, From £5.00/g (P21)
  2. Birthday Cake Packaging Birthday Cake (Isando T20)
    South Africa Hybrid, From £8.00/g
  3. Tripoli Packaging Tripoli (EMT-2 T16:C0)
    Portugal Indica, From £5.00/g
  4. LA SAGE Packaging LA SAGE (T22:C1)
    North Macedonia Hybrid, From £8.00/g
  5. Cairo Packaging Cairo (EMT-1 T19)
    Portugal Indica, From £5.00/g
  6. Gorilla Glue #4 Packaging Gorilla Glue #4 (T19)
    Canada Hybrid, From £5.00/g (P21)
  7. Green Gelato Packaging Green Gelato (T23:C0)
    Australia Hybrid, From £5.00/g (P21)
  8. Ninja Packaging Ninja (Cassiopeia T20:C0)
    Uganda Hybrid, From £6.50/g
  9. Skywalker OG Kush Packaging Skywalker OG Kush (T18:C1)
    Australia Hybrid, From £7.07/g

Sorted Randomly, Available Only

Concentrates & Vape Cartridges

  1. Full Spectrum Oil Packaging Full Spectrum Oil (T12:C12)
    Jamaica Hybrid, From £3.67/ml
  2. Oral Capsule Tablets Packaging Oral Capsule Tablets (TheraCeed T10:C0)
    United Kingdom Hybrid, From £2.48/ml
  3. Full Spectrum Oil Packaging Full Spectrum Oil (T10:C10)
    United Kingdom Sativa, From £5.00/ml
  4. CBD Isolate Packaging CBD Isolate (C100)
    United States Hybrid, From £0.00/ml
  5. CBD Isolate Packaging CBD Isolate (T0:C100)
    Jamaica Sativa, From £5.83/ml
  6. Full Spectrum Oil Packaging Full Spectrum Oil (T10:C15)
    United Kingdom Hybrid, From £0.00/ml
  7. Full Spectrum Oil Packaging Full Spectrum Oil (T1:C50)
    United Kingdom Hybrid, From £0.00/ml
  8. Full Spectrum Oil Packaging Full Spectrum Oil (T1:C100)
    Australia Sativa, From £25.00/ml
  9. Full Spectrum Oil Packaging Full Spectrum Oil (T1:C100)
    United Kingdom Hybrid, From £0.00/ml

Sorted Randomly, Available Only

NHS LogoFurther National Health-Service Information on Cannabis-Based Products for Medicinal Use (CBPMs)