Medication Availability Statuses

Medication Availability Statuses

Prescription Availability Statuses for Medications

At MedBud we attempt to provide best-known stock statuses for all CBPM products released in the UK and Channel Islands. While sometimes we're able to obtain extremely authoritative information, at other times we're left depending on other patients to provide regular feedback to us. Please reconfirm all availability statuses provided with your pharmacy before attempting to add to your prescription.

MedBud typically only updates products when availability changes, or new information is provided. An availability status from several months ago can still be valid when a product remains in/out of stock, or has been discontinued. Last update time can be found directly on each product page.

We provide availability statuses from main distributors, when a main pharmacy or distributor runs out of stock - smaller independent pharmacies may still have medication available.

Below you'll find a short explanatory guide to various stock statuses utilised throughout the site.

Available. May also include known stock levels.
Available, stock level is likely 1-10KG - often just 1-2 weeks stock for popular medications.
Available, with caution - stock is likely <1KG, meaning there's an increased chance a prescription won't be fulfilled and will require a 'rewrite' from a clinician, often causing several days delay to dispensing. Colour sometimes also used for other availability warnings.
Temporarily unavailable. Out of stock. Product has previously been available but isn't at the moment, may be coupled with an ETA. Due to regular delays seen restocking products, we'd recommend not prescribing this product until it's confirmed as available again with status updated.
Unavailable. This product may be unreleased, discontinued, or otherwise shouldn't currently be added to a prescription.

Some other statuses utilised:

CN Letter Req.
This product is available, but isn't currently imported. A letter of 'Clinical Need' with agreement from a pharmacy to import is required to make access to this medication possible again.
Awaiting ETA
We're awaiting further updates on this products' future availability.
ETA Removed
An ETA was previously given for this medication that has since been removed, there may be delays to it becoming available.
Medication only available on the Channel Islands, please see availability colour otherwise for current best-known status.

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