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20.95% (Pine/Herbal)
21.96% (Floral/Herbal)
57.09% (Earthy/Sweet)

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WT2 T21
Wild Thailand
THC Potential Range (10% Legal Variance)
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Jamaica Flag of Jamaica
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Whole Flower

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Product DescriptionPatient Reviews

This sativa landrace grows along the Ko Chang archipelago in Thailand.

🇹🇭 Thai Genetics

It almost seems as if nowadays most cannabis strains are the result of careful crafting in a laboratory instead of roaming wild and free along the countryside. If you’ve been longing to indulge in a more natural bud, Wild Thailand is for you. Distributed by World of Seeds, this sativa landrace grows along the Ko Chang archipelago in Thailand.

As she’s not in a controlled environment, it’s only natural that this strain would vary wildly in potency, with lows at 9% and highs that reach 23%. Nugs are quite frosty and shiny in appearance with a few orange pistils poking through her sparkly amber trichomes. Earth, pine, herbs, and berries will suddenly fill the air as you pack your bowl, and the flavours that are about to hit your palate are fairly similar. Tastes of wood and a sweet and sour berry profile will have you coming back for this strain again and again.

Those who aren’t as experienced in the cannabis world should probably stay away from Wild Thailand as this strain is exceptionally powerful from the start. Your high will launch into outer space with a cerebral effect that’s joyful and focused. Pressing tasks may be able to get accomplished easily as long as you aren’t overcome by anxiety. Bodily tingles eventually make their way to the forefront of your day, and your comedown will include a calming sensation that’s not overly sedative along with a state of arousal that’s hard to ignore.

Potent cannabis tends to work wonders when it comes to medical issues, making this bud an ideal choice for a range of issues. Both mental and physical ailments can be treated with ease, so if you’re dealing with pain or inflammation Wild Thailand will do the trick. Stress and depression have no room in your mind during your high, and even individuals who experience trouble eating will find some relief. Although it’s not widely mentioned, it’s believed that this bud will also assist with issues of low libido.

It’s unclear just how many people are able to cultivate this plant state-side, but if you do welcome Wild Thailand into your life, be prepared for some big beauties. Indoor growth is just fine, but outside they can stretch to almost 9 feet tall. Harvesting takes some patience as well, yet after 11 to 12 weeks you’ll have a decently large yield on your hands.

Not many people get to enjoy pure strains any more, so if you come across Wild Thailand, make sure to pick some up and try her at least once. Given that she’s so stimulating while being super tasty, there’s a high likelihood that she’ll be a part of your regular morning routine. Share her with a friend for an extra special experience that you won’t soon forget.

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