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0.2/g54/mg THCTrace CBD
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Medication Details

Isle of Man Big Narstie Medical
Glitter Bomb
Type I: High THC
Flower Provided
Trimmed Whole Flower
THC Potential Range (±10%)
CBD Potential Range (±10%)
Cultivated/Produced by
Portugal Herdade das Barrocas
Cultivated in
Flag of Portugal Portugal
Imported by
United Kingdom IPS Pharma
Imported as
Schedule II: Finished Product
Packaged in
Flag of Portugal Portugal
Packaged by
United Kingdom IPS Pharma

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About Glitter Bomb


Glitter Bomb, also known as El Chivo #5, is a hybrid cannabis strain that gets its name from its dark flowers that seem to glitter thanks to their thick coating of sugary trichomes.

Compound Genetics Logo

Bred by American Flag Compound Genetics

Glitter Bomb was bred from a Grape Gas #10 male and an OGKB Blueberry Headband female. Below we'll take a closer look at both of these strains, their traits, and how they may have impacted those of Glitter Bomb.

Glitter Bomb's first parent, Grape Gas #10, is a unique Grape Gas phenotype. Bred by Compound Genetics and commercialized by Cookies, Grape Gas (AKA Grape Gasoline) is a high-potency strain that combines genetics from Grape Pie and Jet Fuel Gelato. As its name suggests, Grape Gas boasts a dank aroma of sweet grapes with pungent fuel overtones. Packing over 30% THC in some instances.

Glitter Bomb's second parent is OGKB Blueberry Headband, another top-tier hybrid created by NorCal Genetics. As its name suggests, this strain combines genetics from OGKB (AKA OG Kush Breath) and Blueberry Headband. The result is a frosty, dark plant that produces tight flowers with a crystalline coat of resinous trichomes. OGKB Blueberry Headband's aroma is rich and fruity, with obvious notes of berry as well as clear hints of OG.

With their dark colouration, broad leaves, and strong stems, Glitter Bomb plants are a real treat for the eyes. This strain boasts moderate internodal spacing and few leaves, which makes for easy trimming come harvest time, all without sacrificing vigour during the vegetative phase. In fact, Glitter Bomb plants are known to be very vigorous with a strong apical dominance and sturdy side branches. Once in bloom, Glitter Bomb stretches considerably and produces elongated colas of dark flowers contrasted by bright orange pistils and a thick layer of sugary trichomes.

Glitter Bomb has tested at around 28% total cannabinoids and is predominantly rich in THC, containing only trace amounts of CBD and other cannabinoids. Together with a rich terpene profile dominated by myrcene, caryophyllene, and linalool, Glitter Bomb produces strong effects and an exotic aroma of sweet berries, tangy fuel, and citrusy-sweet OG. Some may find the aromas of this strain reminiscent of grape/berry-flavoured cough syrup.

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Cannabis has been legal in the UK for the last 5 years and nobody seems to know! Millions of people in the UK could access medical cannabis, can you?

Big Narstie, is a British MC, author, rapper, singer, songwriter, comedian and television presenter. He started his career in 2002 as a member of grime crew 'N Double A,' though he is better known for his solo work and as an internet personality performing comedy relating to grime music and the surrounding culture. He is also known for hosting his own chat show, The Big Narstie Show.

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