Statistics & Summaries

MedBud Data Interpretted, More Metrics will Follow

Medication Availability

  • Discontinued(163)
  • Available(137)
  • Unreleased(60)
  • Out of Stock(42)
  • Limited Access(7)
  • Not Currently Imported(6)

Medication Classification

  • Hybrid(224)
  • Indica Hybrid(80)
  • Sativa Hybrid(43)
  • Sativa(41)
  • Indica(27)

Medication Chemotype

  • Type I: High THC(276)
  • Type II: THC/CBD Mix(88)
  • Type III: High CBD(48)

Medication Import Schedule

  • Schedule I: Raw Material(215)
  • Schedule II: Finished Product(146)

Flower Irradiation

  • Non-Irradiated(86)
  • Gamma-Irradiated (Gamma Ray)(82)
  • Beta-Irradiated (Electron Beam)(75)
  • REV™ Irradiated (Microwave)(3)

Flower Format

  • Trimmed Whole Buds(240)
  • Pre-Ground Buds(6)

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