Applying to a Cannabis Clinic

What to Expect

Below you'll find a short guide to the process of applying for a medical cannabis prescription in the UK. Most clinics offer video consultations, which we'll cover below. You should be able to access a clinic wherever you are within the UK, with patients in the Scottish Highlands, or on the Channel Islands, being diagnosed and receiving prescriptions with minimal issue.

  1. Choose from 25 clinics, full list with pricing here.
  2. Fill out their online registration form, including giving permission to obtain and access your medical records.

    You will be asked for both basic contact information, as well as for more detailed medical information.
  3. You'll hear back with a preliminary acceptance or rejection typically within a few days. This is simply an initial screening hurdle, you'll next need to book and pay for an appointment with a specialist. You'll typically be able to select a date/time from the clinic's online portal, some also allowing you to choose which specialist you want to see.
  4. Your doctor will hold a telemedicine call with you. You will be asked to confirm your identity, typically by showing passport or driving license, then numerous questions regarding your medical history; previous medications tried for your condition(s); your personal history (if any) with cannabis; and questions regarding your mental health.

    The appointment can last anything from 15 minutes up to the full hour. It is best to be completely honest and transparent with your doctor, you will not be penalised for previous illicit cannabis usage.
  5. During your appointment if your specialist feels you qualify without need for further review, you will likely be informed right away. You'll then be able to discuss available products deemed suitable, and be able to suggest your own for evaluation. You'll also discuss dosage and receiving your first prescription. This is the best point to discuss any pharmacy preferences (where your prescription will be sent). Bare in mind, each future prescription change is likely to cost another appointment.
  6. If you are not immediately accepted the clinic will contact you, typically within a week of your appointment.

Remember to check your email spam folder for any expected clinic/pharmacy replies.

This article was last updated on: 31 July 2022

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