Eligibility for UK Medical Cannabis

Eligibility for UK Medical Cannabis

Which Conditions Are Treated?

Today, a wide range of conditions are treated in Britain with THC and CBD, two of the active ingredients in cannabis plant extracts. Often used in differing proportions, and typically either by vaping whole/ground dry bud, or consuming prepared oil concentrates. Legal cannabis medical usage, is here to stay in the UK. Currently prescribed solely through private clinics, medical cannabis advocates hope to see a wider level of access through public healthcare in the future.

Patients typically require a history of having tried two other medications to treat their condition before being considered for medical cannabis. However, this is down to the prescribing specialist and the discretion of professionals at individual clinics. Your clinic will request to access your NHS medical records/history in order to make an informed decisions on the viability of medical cannabis for the treatment of your condition (if you've moved from, or are treated abroad, you may have to make your own arrangements to provide documentation of your medical history.)

While we post a list of potential conditions, there is no exhaustive list of what cannabis products can be used to treat, and is ordinarily decided upon by individual clinics. From physical conditions like chronic pain or irritable bowel syndrome, to mental health issues such as PTSD, anxiety or depression - cannabis could potentially be the right treatment for you.

If you are currently an 'illicit' user of cannabis, but for the purpose of self-medication, it's worth considering approaching a clinic today to see if your usage could be legitimised. We have never heard of a clinic penalising a new patient for past usage unlawfully, and are ordinarily understanding and accommodating of patients whom have previously had no legal access.

There are no legal age limits set on the prescription of medical cannabis in the UK, for example, the need as a treatment for childhood epilepsy helped bring about the original law changes in 2018, which bought about the availability of medical cannabis to a wider range of patients as seen today. Generally speaking, clinics are far more reluctant to prescribe to those under age 25 - whereby to an assessing medical professional, you may need to justify a more extreme need to be considered. Cannabis can only be prescribed to those under the age of 18 by a paediatric specialist within their field.

Example Conditions:

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