Warning: Clinic Releaf® are deliberately charging patients over MSRP for medication through a partner pharmacy, without making other pharmacies available to their patients.
All patients must be offered free choice in pharmacy without influence nor penalty to avoid non-compliant 'prescription direction' breaking GMC and BMA guidelines - risking prescribing clinician's licence to practice.

Maintaining Your Prescription

Maintaining Your Prescription

Consultations, Repeats & Quarterly Evaluations

Once you've received your first prescription, you may receive a call from your clinic to check how you're getting on with your medication. This call is likely to be from either a nurse, or office staff - as opposed to your prescribing specialist. Some clinics will not follow-up with patients until their next consultation or repeat is due. In some circumstances, patients have been known to need to chase their clinic regarding either a repeat or additional consultation from their second month onwards.

Repeat Prescriptions

If you're perfectly happy with your prescription items and how they're helping to manage your conditions, you may wish to simply repeat previously prescribed medications. Some clinics have a 'repeat form' to fill out and email in, others handle repeats by phone, or on a dedicated patient portal website/app. Some clinics have repeat prescriptions handled by pharmacists, others by specialist nurses, and some via office staff whereby medical approval will be sought behind the scenes later.

While again varying by clinic, you can often change the quantities of products on repeat prescriptions. Generally, if you've been prescribed a product before a clinic will let you repeat it in the future without the need for an additional consultation. However, it's important to note clinics are unlikely to allow drastic changes to overall amounts on prescription without a formal medical consultation. As an example, taking 20g of one product, and 10g of another, then wanting to swap those amounts - would likely not be an issue. Policies seem to vary by clinic group and doctor, based upon individual patient needs.

Medical Consultations

Some clinics have online portals where you can select available dates/times for your specialist - others can be queried by either email or phone for availability. Some clinics ask for payment upfront when booking, others will issue an invoice either on the day of, or after, your appointment.

Generally speaking, you will require a paid consultation whenever changing to products you have not tried before. Some clinics will allow product changes on a repeat when a product is unavailable, however this typically will be limited to products with similar cannabinoid levels and/or terpene profile. You are required to have at least a quarterly consultation by all known clinics. Some exceptions have been noted over time whereby occasionally a patient has an extra month of repeats, though this is normally caused by human error and goes against general clinical procedure.

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