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Terpene Profile (Comparative Values)


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Dosing Look-Up Table (Estimated)

0.01/g0/mg THC1.6/mg CBD
0.05/g0/mg THC8/mg CBD
0.1/g0/mg THC16/mg CBD
0.15/g0/mg THC24/mg CBD
0.2/g0/mg THC32/mg CBD
0.25/g0/mg THC40/mg CBD
0.3/g0/mg THC48/mg CBD
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Please note values above are based on registered THC/CBD percentages, subject to ±10% allowed variance. Values provided are 'best case', losses to air during vaporisation or combustion will always occur.

Medication Details

Union Jack ECS Pharma
Lite C16
Maluti CBD
Type III: High CBD
Flower Provided
Trimmed Whole Flower
THC Potential Range (±10%)
CBD Potential Range (±10%)
Cultivated/Produced by
Flag of South Africa MG Health
Cultivated in
Flag of Lesotho Lesotho
Monograph Conformity
Imported by
England Xeal Pharma
Imported as
Schedule II: Finished Product
Packaged in
Flag of Lesotho Lesotho

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About Maluti CBD


Locally bred cross of CBD-dominant 'Otto #1' with the well-known 'AC/DC' CBD strain.

Proprietary Strain

With lower psychoactive properties, ECS Lite is reported to be 80% calming and 20% stimulating. MG Health developed this variety with parental lineage of AC/DC and Otto Kush.

It is an aesthetically unique cultivar boasting shades of purple on the leaves and buds with an interesting grape aroma. It's an energising cultivar with a hint of peppery pine note that originate from its Otto Kush lineage. Myrcene, Pinene and Caryophyllene are the dominant terpenes.

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