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Identifying as a Lawful Patient

Card Identification Schemes

You are not required to carry any specific identification as a medical cannabis patients in the UK. If requested, a copy of you prescription will suffice as proof of your lawful use of a controlled substance. We recommend keeping an electronic copy of your prescription on your device in case of any queries by law enforcement, whom may carry out further checks including ringing your pharmacy to ensure your prescription is infact valid.

At this time, a copy of a valid prescription is the only way of identifying a lawful cannabis patient.

Police officers, consider the following as evidence of lawful consumption when coupled with any other form of personal identification:

Card Identification Schemes

There are services such as CanCard which offer an unofficial medical cannabis identification card, we would not generally recommend such a form of identification - which neither needs to be accepted by police, nor is evidence of lawful consumption with any other official body.

This article was last updated on: 31 July 2022

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