Identifying a Legal Cannabis Patient

Identifying a Legal Cannabis Patient

Card Identification Schemes, Prescription Checks

You are not required to carry any specific identification as a medical cannabis patient in the Great Britain UK, Isle of Man Isle of Man, Jersey Jersey or Guernsey Guernsey. If requested, a copy of your prescription will suffice as proof of your lawful use of a controlled substance.

We recommend keeping an electronic copy of your prescription on your device in case of any queries by law enforcement, whom may carry out further checks including ringing your clinic or pharmacy to ensure your prescription is infact valid.

Currently, a copy of a valid prescription is the only way of identifying a lawful cannabis patient.

Under The Equality Act (2008) it is unlawful for most private companies (including local council) to request private medical information from patients. Patients may choose to freely provide a copy of their prescription but are not whatsoever compelled to under current UK law, to the best of MedBud's understanding of current legislation. You may not be discriminated against, or treated differently for your need to consume medical cannabis nor any other medication, and reasonable adjustments must be made for you to administer your medication as directed at any time, and on any premises.

Police officers, consider the following as evidence of lawful consumption when coupled with any other form of personal identification:

Medical cannabis was legalised via amendments to the Misuse of Drugs Act which came into place on 1st November 2018.

MedBud validates all organisations listed on our website, covering all clinics, pharmacies and medications available - with further contact details should they be required by any party.

If you have not received a digital copy of your prescription from your clinic, be sure to request one. While some pharmacies provide prescription copies either on an online portal, or as part of the physical medication package - not all do. If you're ever queried by law enforcement on the validity of your prescription, you want to ensure you have a copy of your prescription easily accessible at all times.

Card Identification Schemes

There are services such as CanCard which offer an unofficial medical cannabis identification card, we would not generally recommend such a form of identification - which neither needs to be accepted by police, nor is evidence of lawful consumption or legitimate medical need.

Metropolitan Police directly answered a question relating to the validity of CanCard and (the now defunct) MedCannID.

"[What is] the constabulary's policy or position relating to the recognition of unaccredited card schemes such as CanCard or MedCannID, if such a policy exists."

"The MPS follows NPCC guidance. Position – CanCard/MedCannID does not provide an individual with [an] excuse to possess cannabis. This is not the same a prescription. However, an Evidential Review Officer (ERO) would likely take CanCard into account when considering a disposal option such as No Further Action (NFA)."

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