Warning: Clinic Releaf® are deliberately charging patients over MSRP for medication through a partner pharmacy, without making other pharmacies available to their patients.
All patients must be offered free choice in pharmacy without influence nor penalty to avoid non-compliant 'prescription direction' breaking GMC and BMA guidelines - risking prescribing clinician's licence to practice.

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This organisation is listed on Companies House as Medcann Pharma Ltd., further details on then link below.

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9:00am to 5:00pm
9:00am to 5:00pm
9:00am to 5:00pm
9:00am to 5:00pm
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About Medcann

Medcann Pharmacy assist patients in obtaining specials and unlicensed medicines, our team of qualified professionals support patients and guidance through resources to help you along the patient journey.

To that purpose, we engage with various organisations and government agencies to provide more comprehensive treatment and promote care and excellence in the private healthcare sector.

Given that the UK Parliament changed the medication’s schedule in 2018 to allow experts to prescribe cannabis medications for a variety of medical illnesses, CBPMs are typically available throughout 2021, with prescription numbers expected to reach 30,000. Nonetheless, patients confront additional obstacles such as misinformation, stigma, and financial restraints, all of which limit the uptake of life-changing medicines.

We at Medcann Pharmacy are here to help and support CBPM access dispensing medicines from our GPhC-registered online pharmacy for safe, direct delivery anywhere around the country, maximising the expertise of medical professionals and researchers to assist patients who are having difficulty accessing medicines in addressing issues and, as a result, increasing pharmaceutical medicines implementation into mainstream healthcare.

In addition to supporting patients in receiving medicines, we at Medcann Pharmacy provides patients with counselling through accessible resources to help them throughout their patient journey. To that end, we collaborate with a variety of organisations and government agencies to provide more care support and to promote care and excellence in the private healthcare.

MedBud lists best-known information on all prescription medical cannabis products available via Medcann. Please reconfirm with the pharmacy. Pricing may vary if forwarded to the Channel Islands or Isle of Man via a third-party pharmacy.

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