Warning: Clinic Releaf® are deliberately charging patients over MSRP for medication through a partner pharmacy, without making other pharmacies available to their patients.
All patients must be offered free choice in pharmacy without influence nor penalty to avoid non-compliant 'prescription direction' breaking GMC and BMA guidelines - risking prescribing clinician's licence to practice.

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Notice: May no longer be operating, website is currently down.
More than one specialist follow-up may be required for new patients, whom can move onto 3 or 6 monthly specialist consultations once deemed stable on medication.
£45 fee for obtaining medical records (SoC from GP) waived if provided directly.

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This organisation is listed on Companies House as Medisonal Ltd, further details on then link below.

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Preferred Pharmacy

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To the best of our knowledge Centennial Pharmacy is the default pharmacy patients are referred to for this clinic.

Opening Times

9:00am to 4:00pm
9:00am to 4:00pm
9:00am to 4:00pm
9:00am to 4:00pm
9:00am to 4:00pm
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About Medisonal® Clinic

At our online virtual clinic, we believe that access to quality healthcare should be convenient and easily accessible for everyone. Whether you need a routine check-up, a prescription refill, or have a health concern that requires attention, our online clinic is here to help.

Our clinic is proud to offer a team of highly skilled and experienced speciality doctors. Each of our specialists has undergone extensive training and education in their respective fields, and they are dedicated to providing the highest quality of care to their patients.

Medisonal was founded by Lloyd Michaels – his vision, to make a positive impact on patients’ lives by making CBPM more accessible. Together with Hana Salussolia, our CEO, they bring a wealth of experience in finance and philanthropy, innovation and drive to improve the lives of others.

Medisonal has grown roots into a patient focussed Clinic, providing affordable access to Specialist Doctors for patients. Support services are led by a highly experienced and caring team.

Medisonal is a Clinic created to support patients holistically, giving access to a better quality of life through our Specialist Team of expert Doctors alongside supportive Nurses & Pharmacists.

We aim to deliver high quality care services to our patients including affordable Specialist appointments, medicines and prescription costs. We deliver this through our innovative development of prescribing technology and medicines network.

Medisonal also seek to promote acceptability of unlicensed medicines including cannabis amongst healthcare professionals & the public, with evidence gathered through research and patient experience.

We support patients from the first moment providing a bespoke service, helping throughout the process from booking the initial appointment to optimising therapy and beyond with tailor-made treatment plans to suit each unique patient journey.

Medisonal offers access to a wide variety of specialist treatments including cannabis-based prescription medicines (CBPMs) and an excellent prescribing platform to facilitate easier prescribing for our healthcare professionals.

Medisonal are led by a team who are passionate about patients, placing them at the centre of our clinical landscape and the services we offer.

Clinic Price List

Source Medical Records (Optional) £45.00
Sign-Up Consultation £150.00
(or) Swap to Clinic £95.00
First Follow-Up £150.00
General Consultation £40.00
Specialist Consultation £150.00
Repeat Prescription £35.00

Information on Appointment Pricing

It costs £150.00 for an initial sign-up consultation at Medisonal® Clinic as a new patient, existing CBPM patients currently registered at other clinics can switch for a reduced cost of £95.00. You're also required to have a follow-up with a specialist after your first month costing £150.00. Generally, most clinics will offer a free initial screening assessment; sometimes by online questionnaire, in other cases simply by calling and talking to clinic staff about your specific condition(s).

Each general consultation at this clinic costs £40.00, which is required a minimum of every 6 months for long-term patients after repeat prescriptions inbetween. New patients are often required to have a specialist follow-up after their first consultation to check for adverse reactions and generally suitability, there is the possibility additional will be required dependent on specific patient circumstances. A direct consultation with your prescribing specialist costs £150.00.

This clinic charges £35.00 for each repeat prescription.

Further Information & Patient Sign-Up for Medisonal® Clinic

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