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Medication Details

South Africa MedCan
Isando T22
Birthday Cake
Type I: High THC
Flower Provided
Trimmed Whole Flower
THC Potential Range (±10%)
CBD Potential Range (±10%)
CBG Measured
Cultivated/Produced by
South Africa MedCan
Cultivated in
Flag of South Africa South Africa
Imported by
United Kingdom Curaleaf Laboratories
Imported as
Schedule I: Raw Material
Packaged in
Flag of United Kingdom United Kingdom
Packaged by
United Kingdom Curaleaf Laboratories

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About Birthday Cake


This strain was tailor made for people who have trouble sleeping due to pain issues or wake up in the middle of the night because of a flare-up.

American Flag American Bred

Birthday Cake, as you might imagine, combines dessert flavors into explosively effective relaxation that makes you hungry for more. People who share their Birthday Cake report even more pronounced effects of giddiness, euphoria, and relaxation in social settings. This strain was tailor made for people who have trouble sleeping due to pain issues or wake up in the middle of the night because of a flare-up.

The famously delicious Wedding Cake strain got its own named phenotype when it was crossed with Cherry Pie by Growers Lab. We don’t have a ton of cultivation information about Birthday Cake because unfortunately, Birthday Cake seeds aren’t often commercially available. Most growers have to acquire healthy cuttings and grow clones instead. However, we do know that Birthday Cake needs warm, humid cultivation when grown outside, around 70 degrees. You can’t keep it in the cold like a real cake.

Additionally, the Cherry Pie strain resists mold like nobody’s business, giving this trait to its cakey kid too. Expect flowers in about 60 days with an average yield. It grows huge, dense buds shaped light foresty hearts, with flaming decorations of orange hairs and a glittering frost of icing-like crystal trichomes. Users are drawn to Birthday Cake’s intoxicating aroma and insane taste. The flavor starts fruity and breaks immediately into a skunky vanilla taste that hints of nuts and cookies on the exhale. The strain has a sweet, pungent aroma, a little vanilla, a little skunk. The total effect is like cake batter to complement your brain being dipped in THC frosting.

If you find yourself feeling tired or fatigued during the busy workweek, a dose of Birthday Cake can calm things down, replacing mentally painful thoughts with giddy ones. Birthday Cake instills a sense of relaxing, sedating calm. Those who have trouble sleeping due to pain conditions love Birthday Cake due to how it mellows out your brain during sleep. It has a specifically physical effect too however, which lowers inflammation levels and can even relieve muscle spasms and migraines.

All of these things impact pain and stress levels. Skunky vanilla euphoria pours out of this balanced strain and makes painful evenings far more enjoyable. The real kicker is the taste, the cookie-like nutty mix of cakey vanilla goodness, mixed with herbal, spicy fruit. The strain grows shiny, silvery-white, and sticky, not unlike a beautiful Birthday Cake. Not many people are fortunate enough to be able to grow it but those who do love their time with this cute confectionary cannabis.

Description provided by Wikileaf.

Information provided could come from a third-party source, and likely does not accurately reflect characteristics of the medication we're associating it with - we primarily provide these descriptions for those interested in strain lineage and history, which could also be inaccurate. Any information which could be taken as medical advice should be strictly disregarded. Please consult your doctor regarding the suitability of medications for your condition(s).

South Africa About MedCan Pty Ltd

MedCan Logo

MedCan is the first South African company to be granted a license to export high THC cannabis flowers commercially, and the first to export their product into the United Kingdom. Our purpose is to offer an exceptionally high-quality medicine that can be accessed by those who will benefit most.

MedCan was founded in 2016 by entrepreneurs who share decades of experience across a range of sectors with a scientific bias.

We’ve established a formidable team of highly qualified, experienced people that allow us to produce a consistent quality flower that easily meets the strictest international standards and is suitable for medical cannabis patients around the world.

MedCan's South African Cultivation Facility


Arriving at our hero strains is quite a complex process. Our cultivation team starts off by planting hundreds of seeds in our ideally controlled indoor grow facility.

After close observation throughout their growth phases, they arrive at a shortlist of preferred phenotypes. They then take cuts from each of these to create Mother plants, and cultivate clones from the Mother.

Eventually they arrive at a single, hero, optimised phenotype from which the entire batch is grown.

Grown in High-Performance Media

Most hydroponic cannabis cultivators typically use coco perlite or other inert media. At MedCan we prefer using a mix of coco perlite and a suite of rich organic amendments to support a robust and diverse microbiome while aiding the overall health and wellbeing of the plants.

This media is “the best of both worlds” as it has properties similar to that of true living/probiotic soils but also allows our cultivation team to have complete control of the mineral fertigation delivered to the plants while providing a well oxygenated root zone that encourages growth and vitality.

Our chosen media allow us to keep the plant free of soil borne pests and pathogens without using any chemical pesticides.

MedCan's South African Cultivation Facility


The vegetative (veg) process is a rapid growth phase in which focus is placed on growing and developing a robust and strong root network as well as vigorous and sturdy shoots and stems. This is the foundation from which high quality flowers are grown in later stages; and a good veg process is key to having a good flowering process.

In our vegging process, rooted cuts are grown under a minimum of 16 hours of light in a 24 hour cycle, to promote shoot and foliage growth. This prolonged exposure to light prevents the plants from flowering and allows the cultivators to develop the “structure” on which the flowers will grow.

Flower Power

During the flowering stage the focus shifts to the production and nurturing of flowers. Light intervals are reduced to a maximum of 12 hours of light in a 24 hour cycle. This triggers the plants to stop vegetative growth (foliage and stems) and begin growth of reproductive tissue (flowers).

Cultivators encourage this by increasing the light intensity and the amount of nutrients the plants receive. Depending on the strain, this process usually takes between 56 to 70 days until the flowers are mature enough and contain the desired cannabinoids and terpenes at harvest. This stage of growth is much less rapid than the vegetative cycle, but the plants gain a drastic amount of weight as flowers swell and mature.

MedCan's South African Cultivation Facility


Once flower production has halted, the plants have fully developed capitate-stalked trichomes (the easily visible crystalline “hairs” that are abundant in terpenes and cannabinoids, including CBD and THC).

The Cultivation Team assesses the “ripeness” of the flowers by closely scrutinising the trichome heads to ensure the greatest concentration of phenolic compounds and cannabinoids are present in the trichomes (and the overall flower) at time of harvest.

At peak “ripeness” the plants are cut at the base of the stem and moved into a purpose built drying room in which they are hung upside down in the dark for a minimum of 14 days. The environment in the drying room is maintained at 16 degrees Celcius and 60% to 65% relative humidity to allow for a slow drying process that aids in the breakdown of non desirable phenolic compounds such as chlorophyll.

MedCan's South African Cultivation Facility


Once dry, the plants are bucked. They are then hand-trimmed to remove any leaves and non-flower matter. Once trimmed, the flowers are stored away to be cured until they are perfectly ready for medical use.

After curing, the final product is stored in airtight containers within a temperature controlled room where no light can enter. Final product is stored like this until packed and shipped.

Before any product is shipped, it is thoroughly analysed by third party independent laboratories to check whether flowers meet the very strictest requirements and quality standards. The exact amounts of THC, CBD and other cannabinoids are recorded in a unique Certificate of Analysis for each batch.

  Information provided is partially -sourced and may be outdated or otherwise incorrect. Please report any inaccuracies found by email.

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