LVL Clinical Trials

LVL Clinical Trials

from LVL Health

LVL Health is a leading medical cannabis clinic for chronic pain providing a rapid access route to the highest quality treatment. Our doctors may prescribe medical cannabis as part of your pain management care if our doctors believe it would be safe and beneficial for you.

To determine if you are eligible to attend our medical cannabis clinic for treatment we will need further information. This information will be passed on for review by our multi-disciplinary team consisting of health care professionals with different specialist backgrounds.

If approved, you will be able to proceed with the next step towards obtaining your medicinal cannabis UK treatment and find out more about the costs of our treatment plans.


The CANPAIN study has been devised to evaluate the efficacy and safety of a defined cannabis-based medicinal product (CBMP) delivered by inhalation to patients with non-cancer chronic pain attending a private clinic.

Prior to commencing the CANPAIN study, the sponsor proposes to conduct a feasibility study. This study will aid in establishing likely rates of patient recruitment, duration of participant enrolment in the study, the demographic and geographic spread of patients, patient acceptability of data collection and identify any issues with technological and drug delivery logistics. The feasibility study will be conducted over a 3-month period with a minimum target recruitment number of 100 patients. Feasibility will be assessed through 3 distinct domains: Recruitment and patient experience, medication logistics and data management.

Further details of this study can be found on the American NIH's Clinical Trials page.
Apply to join this study at LVL Health.

3 Month Trial Period (Limited Spaces)

We know that it is difficult to pay for an expensive medication before you know that it will be helpful to you. We are encouraged by the success we see with our existing patients taking our special medical cannabis and hence we wanted other patients to see if they would benefit from this treatment.

We have therefore decided to give a limited number of patients a 3-month free trial period for the medication and clinic access during this time. If you are suffering from Chronic Pain and find the treatment helpful, you can continue the treatment after the free period at a cost of £299 per month. If the treatment does not work for you, you are able to stop treatment with no obligations.

If you decide to participate in the free trial period, there is an upfront payment of £99 to cover the cost of your inhaler device, genetics test, diagnostic tests and a chronic pain specialist consultation.

LVL Trial-Period Application Form

Participating Clinics

LVL LVL Health
Harley Street (CPC) Ltd
England Birmingham, England
0333 366 1033
£99.00 Sign-Up £299.00 Consults £299.00 Repeats

Participating Pharmacies

IPS IPS Pharma
Vertical Pharma Resources Ltd
England Surrey, England
020 8481 9740
Delivery Free
(£7.95 After First)
(£9 Saturday Option)

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