Producers Supplying UK Medical Cannabis

List Regularly Updated

Producers/Cultivators (73) Importers/Wholesale (13) Domestic Packagers/Manufacturing (3)
Producer Details Medications Released in UK
Akanda Corp. Logo Akanda
United Kingdom Akanda Corp.
Four 20 Pharma BCP T24 Grow® Pharma T25
Althea Logo Althea
Australia Althea MMJ UK Ltd
AGH on Flag of AU ASX
Althea™ T20:C1 Althea™ T5:C10 Althea™ T2:C25 Althea™ C100 Althea™ T18 Althea™ T18 Althea™ T10:C12 Althea™ T25 Althea™ C25 Althea™ T18
Ananda Logo Ananda Developments
Union Jack Ananda Developments PLC
1FX on Flag of DE SWB
MRX Medical MRX-1 C100 MRX Medical MRX-2 C100
Aurora Cannabis Inc. Logo Aurora Canada
Flag of Canada Aurora Cannabis Inc.
ACB on Flag of US NASDAQ
Aurora® Pedanios T27 Aurora® Pedanios T29
Aurora Nordic Cannabis A/S Logo Aurora Nordic
Flag of Canada Aurora Nordic Cannabis A/S
ACB on Flag of US NASDAQ
Aurora® T20 Aurora® Pedanios T20 Aurora® Pedanios T22 Aurora® T22 Aurora® Pedanios T8:C8 Aurora® Pedanios T18 Aurora® Pedanios T14 Aurora® Pedanios T1:C12 Aurora® T12:C12 Aurora® C25 Aurora® T25 Aurora® T50:C10 Aurora® T30:C10 Aurora® CanVALUE T22
Bedrocan Logo Bedrocan
Netherlands Bedrocan B.V. Bedrocan® Bedica T14 Bedrocan® Bediol T6:C8 Bedrocan® Bedrobinol T13 Bedrocan® Main T22 Bedrocan® Bedrolite C7 Bedrocan® Bedica T20 Bedrocan® Bediol T13:C20 Bedrocan® T100:C50 Bedrocan® T20:C10 Bedrocan® Bedrolite T10:C100 Bedrocan® Bedrolite T10:C20
Bod Logo Bod Science
Australia BOD Australia Pty Ltd
BOD on Flag of AU ASX
Bod Science MediCabilis T2:C50
BOL Logo BOL Pharma
Israel BOL Pharma Ltd Noidecs T10:C10 Noidecs MVA T20:C4 Noidecs T20:C4 Noidecs T10:C200 BOL Pharma Celixir T10:C200
Breathing Green Solutions Inc. Logo Breathing Green
Canada Breathing Green Solutions Inc. Breathing Green MI T25 Breathing Green GOG T23
CANN Logo Cann Group
Australia Cann Group Ltd
CAN on Flag of AU ASX
Noidecs T1:C100 Noidecs T10:C15 Noidecs T26:C0
Cannatrek Ltd Logo Cannatrek
Australia Cannatrek Ltd Noidecs T16 Noidecs T17 Noidecs T4:C8 Noidecs T17
Ampyl Sciences Ltd Logo CannFX
New Zealand Ampyl Sciences Ltd CannFX Stratus T20
Cannim Group Pty Ltd Logo Cannim
Australia Cannim Group Pty Ltd Lumir® T10:C10 Lumir® T27:C1 Lumir® T0:C50 Lumir® T25:C25 Lumir® T12:C12 Lumir® T25 Lumir® C100 Lumir® WT2 T21 Lumir® LL5 T24-25 Lumir® SM9 T23 Lumir® CC8 T22 Upstate Delta One T22 Sundaze® Sierra Blaze T19
CannPrisma Pharma LDA Logo CannPrisma
Portugal CannPrisma Pharma LDA
Canopy Logo Canopy Growth
Canada Canopy Growth Germany GmbH
CGC on Flag of US NASDAQ
Spectrum Therapeutics® Canopy AKH T22 Spectrum Therapeutics® Canopy LSK T16 Spectrum Therapeutics® Red T26:C1 Spectrum Therapeutics® Blue T10:C15 Spectrum Therapeutics® Yellow T1:C20 Spectrum Therapeutics® Canopy HSK T8:C7 Spectrum Therapeutics® Yellow C14 Spectrum Therapeutics® Canopy THC T25:C1 Spectrum Therapeutics® Canopy Balanced T10:C10 Spectrum Therapeutics® Canopy 91K T25 Spectrum Therapeutics® Canopy BKS T20
Caprica Ltd Logo Caprica
Jersey Caprica Ltd
Celadon Logo Celadon Pharmaceuticals
United Kingdom Celadon Pharmaceuticals PLC
CEL on Flag of GB LSE
Columbia Logo Columbia Care
America Columbia Care Inc
CCHWF on Flag of US OTC
Columbia Care™ ClaraCeed T1:C20 Columbia Care™ EleCeed T10:C10 Columbia Care™ TheraCeed T15:C1 Columbia Care™ TheraCeed Day T400:C20 Columbia Care™ EleCeed Day T200:C200 Columbia Care™ ClaraCeed Day T20:C400 Columbia Care™ TheraCeed Night T400:C20 Columbia Care™ EleCeed Night T200:C200 Columbia Care™ ClaraCeed Night T20:C400 Columbia Care™ T0:C10 Columbia Care™ Peppermint T0:C10
Costa Canna Corporation Logo Costa Canna
Canada Costa Canna Corporation Costa Canna Dynamics T25 Costa Canna Dynamics T25 Costa Canna Dynamics Fortissimo T26
Dalgety Ltd Logo Dalgety
England Dalgety Ltd
ECS Logo ECS Botanics
Australia ECS Botanics Holdings Ltd
ECS on Flag of AU ASX
Noidecs T23 Noidecs T20 Noidecs T5:C7 Noidecs T19 Noidecs T20 Noidecs T10:C10 Noidecs T20:C1
Ethypharm UK Ltd Logo Ethypharm
France Ethypharm UK Ltd Martindale Pharma T50 Martindale Pharma T10:C10 Martindale Pharma T10:C100
Fotmer Logo Fotmer Life Sciences
Uruguay Fotmer Life Sciences Uruguay Fotmer Life Sciences T3h T22
Glass Pharms Ltd Logo Glass Pharms
Union Jack Glass Pharms Ltd
9385-1756 Québec Inc. Logo Green Karat
Flag of Canada 9385-1756 Québec Inc. Green Karat FS T25 Green Karat MG T27 Green Karat PV T27
GroVida Logo GroVida
Portugal GroVida SA Endopure Endothena VT4/2 T16
GLO Logo Grow Lab Organics
Isle of Man Grow Lab Organics Ltd
Growth Industries Pharma Ltd Logo Growth Industries
Northern Ireland Growth Industries Pharma Ltd
GW Pharma Logo GW Pharmaceuticals
Union Jack Jazz Pharmaceuticals PLC
Epidiolex® C100
Sociedade Agrícola Monte das Barrocas LDA Logo Herdade das Barrocas
Portugal Sociedade Agrícola Monte das Barrocas LDA Herdade das Barrocas T22 Herdade das Barrocas T23 Big Narstie Medical T27
Hilltop Logo Hilltop Leaf
Scotland Hilltop Leaf Holdings Ltd
Jamaica Jamaica Medical Cannabis Corp
Kanabo Group PLC Logo Kanabo
Israel Kanabo Group PLC
KNB on Flag of GB LSE
Noidecs T340 Original Noidecs T340 Blue Dream Noidecs T340 Champagne Kush
Karoo Logo Karoo Bioscience
South Africa Sahpra-Karoo Bioscience Pty Ltd. Mamedica® SOG T24 Mamedica® MMS T20 Mamedica® GG4 T25 Mamedica® COL T20
Khiron Life Sciences Corp Logo Khiron Med
Flag of Columbia Khiron Life Sciences Corp
KHRN on Flag of CA TSXV
Khiron HK T20 Khiron C14 Khiron T19 Khiron SBB T25 Khiron T5:C7 Khiron OGK T22 Khiron Khiriox T25:C1 Khiron Khiriox T12:C14
LGP Logo Little Green Pharma
Australia Little Green Pharma Ltd Little Green Pharma Classic T10:C10 Little Green Pharma Classic T20:C5 Little Green Pharma Desert Flame T22
Production Bhango Inc Logo LOT420
Canada Production Bhango Inc LOT420 GLT T25 LOT420 OC T26 LOT420 AB T27
MedCan Logo MedCan
South Africa MedCan Pty Ltd. MedCan Isando T22 MedCan Isando T16-17 MedCan Isando T20 MedCan Isando TS T24 MedCan Isando TS T19
MediCane Health Inc. Logo MediCane Health
Canada MediCane Health Inc. Noidecs T23 Noidecs T18 Noidecs T18
MediPharm Logo MediPharm Labs
Canada MediPharm Labs Corp.
LABS on Flag of CA TSX
MG Health Ltd. Logo MG Health
Flag of South Africa MG Health Ltd. ECS Pharma T18 ECS Pharma T24 ECS Pharma Lite C16 ECS Pharma Calm T10:C12
MGC Logo MGC Pharmaceuticals
Australia MGC Pharmaceuticals Ltd
MXC on Flag of AU ASX
Noidecs T25:C25 MGC Pharmaceuticals CannEpil® T5:C100
MVC Logo Miracle Valley Canada
Canada Miracle Valley Lands Ltd Miracle Valley Canada MAC1+ T25 Mamedica® MA1 T25 Mamedica® GEL T25
Montu Group UK Ltd Logo Montu
Australia Montu Group UK Ltd
Atlas Growers Ltd Logo Natural History
Canada Atlas Growers Ltd Adven® Cura-11 T25 Adven® Cura-12 T27 Adven® Cura-B2 T4:C10
NGC Logo Northern Green Canada
Canada Northern Green Canada Inc Noidecs T18 Noidecs T14 Noidecs T22 Northern Green Serenity T22 Northern Green Calma T17 Noidecs T19 Four 20 Pharma Natural T18:C0 Therismos T20 Therismos T22
Northern Leaf Ltd Logo Northern Leaf
Jersey Northern Leaf Ltd Khiron GK T24
Organigram Holdings Inc. Logo Organigram
Canada Organigram Holdings Inc.
OGI on Flag of US NASDAQ
Ostara Logo Ostara Medical
Flag of Canada Ostara Médical Inc Ostara Nova T27 Ostara Solar T25 Ostara Eclipse T22
Hempire Ltd Logo PFL Pharma
England Hempire Ltd
PHCANN Logo PharmaCann International
Poland PHCANN International B.V. Grow® Pharma T16 Grow® Pharma T22 Grow® Pharma T20-22 Grow® Pharma T18 Grow® Pharma T18 Grow® Pharma T22 Grow® Pharma T22 CannyCann+ Island Dream T20 CannyCann+ Island Haze T22 Grow® Pharma T20 CannyCann+ Island Siesta T20
Plantations Cérès Inc. Logo Plantations Ceres
Canada Plantations Cérès Inc. Plantations Ceres No. 2 T24
Portocanna S.A. Logo Portocanna
Portugal Portocanna S.A. Hexacan® HEXA01 T22 Hexacan® HEXA04 T18 Hexacan® HEXA01 T25
Precision Pharmaceuticals Pty Ltd Logo Precision Pharmaceuticals
Australia Precision Pharmaceuticals Pty Ltd Isoflora T10:C15 Isoflora T26:C1
PS Pharma Service GmbH Logo PS Pharma
Germany PS Pharma Service GmbH Noidecs T18 Noidecs T17
Pure Sunfarms Corp. Logo Pure Sunfarms
Flag of Canada Pure Sunfarms Corp.
SafriCanna Pty Ltd Logo SafriCanna
South Africa SafriCanna Pty Ltd Grow® Pharma T24
Schroll Medical ApS Logo Schroll Medical
Flag of Denmark Schroll Medical ApS Cellen™ Satoline T15-18 Weeco T25 Cellen™ Satoline T20 Cellen™ Satoline T22 Grow® Pharma T25
Sinceritas AD Skopje Logo Sinceritas
Flag of North Macedonia Sinceritas AD Skopje Clearleaf® GOZ T21 Clearleaf® GED T21
SUMO Cannabis Inc. Logo SUMO
Flag of Canada SUMO Cannabis Inc. SUMO Craft T22
Curaleaf Holdings Inc. Logo Terra Verde
Portugal Curaleaf Holdings Inc.
CURLF on Flag of US OTC
Adven® EMT-2 T20 Adven® EMT-1 T20 Adven® EMB-1 T5:C10 Adven® C150 Adven® C50 Adven® C20 Adven® C100 Adven® T10:C10 Adven® T20 Adven® T20 Adven® T20:C80 Adven® EMC-1 C14 Adven® T100 Adven® EMT-6 T22 Adven® EMT-4 T24 Adven® EMT-2 T16 Adven® EMT-3 T17 Adven® T10:C40 Adven® EMT-3 T20 Adven® T20:C10 Adven® T20:C40 Adven® T2.5:C5 Adven® T5:C10 Adven® Cura-9 T17-19 Adven® Cura-16 T25 Adven® Cura-8 T21 Adven® EMT-4 T18 Adven® T50 Adven® T10:C10 Adven® T20:C10 Adven® T20:C40 Adven® T20:C80 Adven® EMC-1 C13 Adven® T50 Adven® T100 Adven® Cura-10 T18 Adven® Cura-5 T18 Adven® Cura-18 T27 Adven® Cura-13 T22 Adven® T10:C10 Adven® T10 Adven® Cura-9 T21 Adven® EMT-1 T19 Adven® Cura-9 T16
BZAM Ltd Logo The Green Organic Dutchman™
Flag of Canada BZAM Ltd
BZAM on Flag of CA CSE
Green Organic Dutchman™ Organic T23 Green Organic Dutchman™ Organic T21 Green Organic Dutchman™ Organic T24
HoG Logo The House of Green
Guernsey The House of Green Ltd
Tilray Logo Tilray Medical
Portugal Tilray Portugal II LDA
Tilray® T25 Grow® Pharma T8:C8 Tilray® T22 Tilray® T18 Tilray® T9:C9 Tilray® T18 Tilray® T18 Tilray® T22 Tilray® T25 Tilray® T22 Tilray® T5:C20 Tilray® T25:C0 Tilray® T10:C10 Tilray® T25
Together Logo Together Pharmacy
Israel Together Pharmacy Ltd
TGTR on Flag of IL TASE
Together Pharmacy Jupiter T17 Together Pharmacy Iapetus T16 Together Pharmacy Cassiopeia T20 Together Pharmacy Andromeda T19
Vasco Cannabis Inc Logo Vasco
Flag of Canada Vasco Cannabis Inc Vasco WR T23 Vasco GG T26

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