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0.01/g80/mg THCTrace CBD
0.05/g400/mg THCTrace CBD
0.1/g800/mg THCTrace CBD
0.15/g1200/mg THCTrace CBD
0.2/g1600/mg THCTrace CBD
0.25/g2000/mg THCTrace CBD
0.3/g2400/mg THCTrace CBD
/gCalculate THCCalculate CBD

Please note values above are based on registered THC/CBD percentages, subject to ±10% allowed variance. Values provided are 'best case', losses to air during vaporisation or combustion will always occur.

Medication Details

Australia Upstate
T800 Blueberry Kush
Type I: High THC
THC Potential Range (±10%)
CBD Potential Range (±10%)
Cultivated in
Flag of Canada Canada
Imported by
Scotland Hilltop Leaf
Imported as
Schedule II: Finished Product
Formulated in
Flag of Canada Canada

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About T800 Blueberry Kush

Blueberry Kush is extracted from, well, Blueberry Kush. Blueberry Kush is a sleepy, relaxing Indica strain made from a cross of Blueberry and OG Kush.

We source our starter material primarily from Vancouver Island, where OG Kush strains are a speciality and-in our opinion-the best cannabis in the world is grown. The legacy (ie. former black market) growers on the Island have mastered dozens of OG Kush derivatives, such as Pink Kush (the most popular strain in Canada and Australia), Girl Scout Cookies, and a number of berry based Kush cultivars such as this one.

The terpene profile of Blueberry Kush is complex-the three dominant terpenes are Myrcene, Limonene and Pinene, and the blueberry flavour is driven by a combination of Linalool and Trans-Nerolidol, as well as 35-45 additional detectable terpenes.

Australia About Cannim Australia Pty Ltd

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We are a leading global cannabis company providing GACP and GMP certified medical solutions to deliver better physical and mental health outcomes for patients around the world.

Pioneering better health outcomes for those in need by harnessing the power of therapeutic cannabis.

Based in Sydney, Australia, Cannim was established in 2017 to bring the benefits of medicinal cannabis to the world.

Back in 2017, Cannabis was still stigmatised and cultivation considered an art form. Built on the 3 core pillars of Safety, Science, and Scale, Cannim established an organisation that could show people that Cannabis was a real medicine, consistently develop it to pharmaceutical standards, and establish networks to reach a wide audience of needy people.

Just 4 years later, Cannim cultivates in Jamaica and Australia, and established a network of EU GMP manufacturers as well as formed alliances in education and healthcare, offering products & services to bring relief in many forms to people across the world.

This industry is nascent and this is only the beginning of the journey to establish Cannabis as a reputable medicine around the world. Cannim continues to create scale in its operations, giving us the ability to meet the needs of the ever-growing body of medicinal cannabis users. Cannim is pioneering the development of the category, creating new ways of administration for patients, leading research and education into the effects of cannabis on a variety of conditions, pioneering its usefulness for others, and ensuring those in need get what they need when they need it at a price that's fair.

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