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0.15/g24/mg THCTrace CBD
0.2/g32/mg THCTrace CBD
0.25/g40/mg THCTrace CBD
0.3/g48/mg THCTrace CBD
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Medication Details

United Kingdom Endopure
Endothena VT4/2 T16
Old School OG
Indica Hybrid
Type I: High THC
Flower Provided
Trimmed Whole Flower
THC Potential Range (±10%)
CBD Potential Range (±10%)
Cultivated/Produced by
Portugal GroVida
Cultivated in
Flag of Portugal Portugal
Imported by
United Kingdom IPS Pharma
Imported as
Schedule II: Finished Product
Packaged in
Flag of Portugal Portugal

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About Old School OG

VT4Indica Hybrid

Those who enjoy typical kush flavors and aromas won’t be disappointed here, as skunk, earth, and citrus blend together for a complex experience.

American Flag American Bred, Dutch Flag Dutch Genetics

What could be strong enough to put a grown man to sleep in nearly no time at all? Other than a tranquilizer, the pure indica strain Old School OG, often called Pure Kush, will have a similar effect. A descendant of OG Kush, this beauty suddenly appeared on the cannabis market without anyone to thank.

Consistency is key when it comes to marijuana, and Old School OG clocks in at 20% THC very regularly. Those who enjoy typical kush flavors and aromas won’t be disappointed here, as skunk, earth, and citrus blend together for a complex experience. Nugs of this strain are fairly large and quite lumpy, bringing a contrasting purple undertone to her fiery orange hairs. White trichomes and sticky resin top off this neat little package.

Get ready to feel amazing with Old School OG, as your high begins with a buzz in your neck and spine that slowly radiates through the rest of your body. Everything will be tingling and your mind will be lifted to the ultimate state of happiness. Users note that this strain imparts a serious case of the munchies, so make sure to save some room after dinner and have your snacks within an arm’s reach. Those who are in a comfortable position might find themselves waking up there the next morning wondering what happened!

A jack of all trades, Old School OG can help with mild issues of stress and depression all the way up to easing bodily inflammation and more severe mental concerns. As it washes over you with a blanket of relaxation, users will instantly be ready for sleep and find that any physical issues are simply dulled to the point of barely being noticeable. Overuse can lead to a dry mouth and headache, so it’s best to start off slowly.

It’s hard to argue with the classics, and anything that comes from OG Kush is probably a winner. Old School OG falls into that category, with a strain that will relax you even after the most stressful day of your life. Keep some handy for the times when things get unusually rough and escape into a world of sleepy bliss for a while.

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