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Terpene Profile (Comparative Values)


MedBud currently tracks 16 common terpenes, more will be added.

Dosing Look-Up Table (Estimated)

0.01/g2.2/mg THCTrace CBD
0.05/g11/mg THCTrace CBD
0.1/g22/mg THCTrace CBD
0.15/g33/mg THCTrace CBD
0.2/g44/mg THCTrace CBD
0.25/g55/mg THCTrace CBD
0.3/g66/mg THCTrace CBD
/gCalculate THCCalculate CBD

Please note values above are based on registered THC/CBD percentages, subject to ±10% allowed variance. Values provided are 'best case', losses to air during vaporisation or combustion will always occur.

Medication Details

Scotland Hilltop Leaf
Sativa Hybrid
Type I: High THC
Flower Provided
Trimmed Whole Flower
THC Potential Range (±10%)
CBD Potential Range (±10%)
Cultivated/Produced by
North Macedonia Nedcann
Cultivated or Packaged in
Flag of North Macedonia North Macedonia
Monograph Conformity
Imported by
Scotland Hilltop Leaf
Imported as
Schedule II: Finished Product

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Best-Known Status: July

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*Cannabis is a controlled-substance and can only be legally dispensed upon submission of a valid prescription from a prescribing clinic, ordinarily listed.

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Information provided could come from a third-party source, and likely does not accurately reflect characteristics of the medication we're associating it with - we primarily provide these descriptions for those interested in strain lineage and history, which could also be inaccurate. Any information which could be taken as medical advice should be strictly disregarded. Please consult your doctor regarding the suitability of medications for your condition(s).

Scotland About Hilltop Leaf Holdings Ltd

Hilltop Leaf Logo

We believe in creating a science-led Scottish pharmaceutical product while bringing jobs and innovation to the South of Scotland.

Hilltop Leaf is a private medicinal cannabis cultivation and extraction business for cannabis based products for medicinal use in humans (CBPMs)

GMP accredited facility focused on creating a science-led Scottish pharmaceutical product while bringing jobs and innovation to the South of Scotland. The company aims to play a leading role in the provision of full spectrum cannabinoid oils, APIs and cannabis based medicinal products.

The beauty of cannabis is that all it is doing is supplementing the body’s natural cannabis system called the endocannabinoid system. Humans, as well as many other animals, have this natural system throughout the body.

The system, in the brain for example, has an effect on memory, control of movement, modulation of pain, development of nerve growth and plasticity, and the adaptability of the nervous system. It has an influence on sleep, appetite, anxiety and social behaviour to name but a few important functions. Outside the brain the endocannabinoid system is also widespread and has effects on the bladder, the bowels, the reproductive system, the heart, the hormonal and metabolic systems and has a role in the control of cancer. In other words, it is one of the most important bodily systems – yet one of the least understood.

We know that there are at least two cannabinoid receptors in the body, CB1 and CB2, but in the next few years we are certain that more receptors will be isolated. There are natural chemicals circulating in the body that attach to these receptors and it is through this chemical attachment that the endocannabinoid system performs its functions. The natural plant cannabinoids are supplementing and assisting the body’s natural circulation of cannabis-like chemicals. Thus, it is not surprising that the plant has many medical benefits.


The plants will be grown in a high security facility with climate controlled conditions. Cultivation to GAcP standards with EU GMP drying and processing.


The extraction facility will be constructed alongside the cultivation within the same high security building. Extraction and Processing facility to EU GMP standards.

End Product

We intend to produce a cannabis based medicinal product (CBMP) suitable for specialist prescription to UK patients via our clinical and distribution partners.

  Information provided is partially -sourced and may be outdated or otherwise incorrect. Please report any inaccuracies found by email.

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