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Cura-12 T27
THC Potential Range (10% Legal Variance)
CBD Potential Range (10% Legal Variance)
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About Tally-Mon


On the West Coast, especially in Seattle, it’s been an increasingly popular strain for those craving relaxation and bananas.

🇺🇸 American Genetics, 🇳🇱 Dutch Genetics

Tally-Mon, a reference to a 'tallyman', which is a British merchant who sells goods on an instalment plan (not that you need to know that, but now you do), is an evenly balanced strain with a high THC level. On the West Coast, especially in Seattle, it’s been an increasingly popular strain for those craving relaxation and bananas. You might recognize the name from the famous Harry Belafonte song, Day O!, made popular by Beetlejuice. ONI Seed created this strain from a three-way combination of Papaya and Do-Si-Dos X Banana OG. The classic taste is sure to make you happy if the stimulation doesn’t do it (though it probably will).

The strain grows in long olive-colored nuggets which are shaped like elongated grapes, green but with deep purple shining through. The buds sparkle with white crystals and burst with bright orange hairs.

Tally Mon in high doses is a great strain for relaxation. If you want to go get a massage, do some yoga, or survive a hangover, you can use the way this strain puts you in a trance to increase your mind-body connection during your visit. It relieves anxiety and pain and fatigue. It can even help you get to sleep. You’ll feel creative, inspired, and happy after taking a little; just realize that if you take a lot, you may lose that motivation. Tally Mon, which can get up to 28% THC, can give you a pounding.

The scent of the strain is herbal, earthy, and spicy. The flavour is a cavalcade of tropical fruit but consists mostly of a big blast of banana. Its terpenes include Humulene, which is a strong anti-inflammatory, the spicy Caryophyllene, which can relieve pain and tastes of black pepper and other herbs, and Myrcene, which provides muscular relaxation and brings the sedation to Tally Mon that it’s become famous for.

Those who suffer from depression, pain, mood swings, and insomnia can use Tally Mon to tally themselves one serious banana. It will work pretty much right away, as soon as that flavour hits your lips, and you’ll be dropping off into your couch without a second’s thought. If that sounds like what you need, then that’s what you get, mon.

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