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Terpene Profile (Comparative Values)

19.32% (Herbal/Musk)
14.77% (Citrus/Sour)
43.18% (Pepper/Spice)
10.23% (Floral/Spice)
12.5% (Woody/Earthy)

MedBud currently tracks 16 common terpenes, more will be added.

Medication Details

Frosted Lemon Angel
THC Potential Range (10% Legal Variance)
CBD Potential Range (10% Legal Variance)
Cultivated in
Denmark Flag of Denmark
Packaged in
Germany Flag of Germany
eBeam Irradiated
Flower Provided
Whole Flower

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About Frosted Lemon Angel


A proprietary strain imported by Weeco Pharma GmbH.

Proprietary Strain

Little is known about this strain other than it being bred in-house by the cultivator.

Information provided could come from a third-party source, and likely does not accurately reflect characteristics of the medication we're associating it with - we primarily provide these descriptions for those interested in strain lineage and history, which could also be inaccurate. Any information which could be taken as medical advice should be strictly disregarded. Please consult your doctor regarding the suitability of medications for your condition(s).

Germany About Weeco Pharma GmbH

WEECO Pharma is one of the leading importer and distributor of medicinal cannabis in Germany, with a distribution network in the country that includes direct connections to pharmacies, many cannabis suppliers, and distributors, as well as several pharmaceutical wholesalers. WEECO Pharma is positioned as one-stop-shop and offers multi-brand medicinal cannabis portfolio in the market. Over the last five years WEECO Pharma has partnered with most leading cannabis firms and has become one of the key players in the cannabis industry in Germany and Europe.

Patient Reviews

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